Awesome oceans, Fat Face & top tips for healthy seas

 I’m celebrating two things today. Firstly, it’s #worldoceansday, as you’re probably aware, and that's always something to shout about (I'll explain why below, so read on). And this neatly ties into the second thing: I won a competition to have some of my illustrations used as designs for Fat Face clothing, in a collaboration with / money-raiser for the Marine Conservation Society. Not only am I ridiculously happy to have had my work chosen by this big British brand, but for it to be with an environmental cause too just makes it all even better! It couldn’t feel more perfect!

The Marine Conservation Society is incidentally one of the organisations I’ve been donating your 5p’s to since I started my business*, and I believe their work is vital. Their tagline is “fighting for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy.”

But why do we need to fight for the preservation of our seas, aside from their obviously awesome beauty and power? Well, they’re pretty darn important and I'll tell you why! 

lady in tshirt with dea creatures design by Ellie Good for Fat Face

The ocean makes at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, as well as being a great big carbon sink, absorbing more CO2 than the trees! It has sucked up approximately 1/4 of the C02 since we started burning fossil fuels in the Industrial Revolution, mainly due to phytoplankton. So its health is paramount for humans. 

The sea is home to most of earth’s biodiversity. And when you think of the sheer number of bugs, birds, creatures and plants present in just your local park, that puts this fact into perspective!

It is also the main source of protein for more than a billion people around the world, and in a time where we're nervous about overpopulation and food shortage, that's also pretty big. 

4 SMALL WAYS YOU CAN BE AN OCEAN CHAMP And no, none of these actions are too small, nor do they need to be done religiously and without fault. Let’s just all do our best.

  1. Small actions, like doing a mini litter pick when you leave the beach makes a big difference, when everyone else does the same. #peoplepower
  2. Wear sun cream that is ocean and reef-safe (many contain chemicals and oils that damage the underwater wildlife) i.e, just don’t be a dick and kill the fish.
  3. Don’t flush tampons, pads or wet wipes. They have been found in the remotest of reefs. Gross. Poor Nemo. Wrap ‘em up and stick ‘em in the bin.
  4. Wash any fleece or polyester clothes in a mesh laundry bag, which stops microfibres from entering the water cycle. Guppy Friend and Earth Kind Sea Saver are both good.

To wear my illustrations, and support the Fat Face / Marine Conservation Society campaign, take a look at the menswear and womenswear and see if you can spot my Picasoo triggerfish, fin whales and underwater scene. You’ll be hearing more about this over socials too, with a Q+A with yours truly and a few more items appearing in the coming weeks.


* For every product sold I donate 5p to environmental charities and projects.

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