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giant pacific octopus illustration by Ellie Good

I LOVE these amazing creatures. I am sure I once heard someone say that if humans had never made it as the dominant species on this planet then it may well have been octopuses (octopi?). I can believe it, as they are so intelligent and wonderful.


This octopus grows larger than any other of its kind; on average about 16 feet across. The largest recorded Giant Pacific Octopus was 30 feet wide and 600lbs!! Imagine bumping into that on your first day diving… (yes, yes, I know, that would never happen. But imagine!)

Red/purple in colour, like other species of octopus, these guys can change their skin pigmentation and texture to blend in with corals and rocks. .

In lab tests, these creatures have been known to open jars and solve mazes. Cool!

THEY HAVE 3 HEARTS AND 9 BRAINS! EVEN COOLER! Here’s why. Two hearts for each of their gills, and one for the rest of their bodies. 8 brains are to control each of their legs, and then they have a brain for their central nervous system.

Although they’re not endangered, they are thought to be suffering from the high levels of ocean pollution that we now have.

And, P.S, if you haven't yet see My Octopus Teacher, you need to rectify that ASAP!

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