How to style scatter cushions in your home

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Ellie good cushion covers
Personally, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with cushions. (Is anyone else the same? I’m like a moth to a flame with them in any interior shop.) They are such an easy, cheap and brilliant way to give your space a lift by injecting colour and adding some ‘cosy’. So, to coincide with the launch of my new organic cushion covers, I thought I’d write a few quick tips on how to expertly scatter these joyous bundles of squish in your home.

Ellie good cushion covers

Mix and match

A range of different sizes, textures, patterns and/or colours can create interest. If you don’t know where to start, try finding a ‘base’ cushion with a block colour and no or minimal pattern. Then, pair it with a bold design, or texture (see above, left). Think opposites: plain with patterned, smooth with textured, neutral with bright. Of course, rules are also made to be broken, so go mad and deviate if you feel like living life on the edge!

If you're limited for space and just have room for one cushion, you could always pair it with a blanket or throw draped on the seat, to give that contrast of textures (see above right).


Ellie good cushion covers organicEmbrace colour

If muted tones are your bag, then great! Scratch that itch. BUT don’t ever be scared of using colour. Colour is a wonderful thing and cushions are the perfect place to experiment if you want to dip your toe into bolder interiors. (No-one will die). Indeed, you can take it to the extreme… I am all about colour celebration in my house, so I love to jumble up a load of different ones and enjoy the joyful effect this gives. 

Be careful not to under-cushion or over-cushion!

I’m not saying you need to get the graph paper out, but at least give your sofa a good look before you buy your cushions. If your sofa is small, it’s best not to have 43 large cushions piled up on it. Likewise, if you have a big sofa, you may need more than one little one plunked in a corner. It’s not rocket science I know, but life can be busy and humans don’t always think of everything, do we? 

Cushions don’t only belong on sofas…

Cushions have a place all around the home. On your bed, to soften up a hard-edged single chair, on a bench ina corridor, in your car…. You could even keep a basket of them to use when you go out to the park, or to take in the garden for more comfy al-fresco living.

Give them a lived and loved look

Try and plump your cushions when you notice them looking a bit squashed. While you’re at it, give them a bit of a karate chop on the head. This will make them look more inviting and less uniform.  

Ellie good cushion coversChoose sustainable cushion pads

Not only are natural cushion inserts lower in toxins, but the cheap ones made using polyester (AKA plastic) will be hanging around for 300 years or more after you’re gone. It’ll release microfibres into your washing machine and release toxins into the air. Not. Great. 

I like these and these wool inserts. Wool is the most sustainable option. The second best thing is a feather / down cushion pad, but there are often ethical issues associated with farming the ducks or geese for down, so make sure it has the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification like these ones

If you’re keen to add some life and extra-squish to your living space you can find my cushion covers here.

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