I wrote to Boris and George Eustice MP about the climate crisis.

Boris climate crisis letter COP26 letter writing the cost of things

Children with climate crisis message to Boris, illustrated by Ellie Good

This is what I said. I wonder if they will listen in time for COP26. 

I would love as many of you as possible to take inspiration from this and write your own version and get your kids in on the act too. These government guys need to understand the eco-anxiety being felt by us all. You are NOT too small to have an impact.  

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Dear Prime Minister

Firstly, I must tell you that I am not a Tory voter, and haven’t agreed with all your decisions, but this is just the point. You have people like me to please, as well as your voters! And with all the things happening right now, well done for not crumbling. It's not a job for the faint-hearted.

I’m writing to you with a desperate plea, on behalf of a large majority of the country.

I have been working in sustainable living and environment-led communications for over a decade now, so have witnessed the gradual, but very apparent ‘waking up’ this country has had with regards to the climate crisis. This is all good, but a lot of people feel powerless. I am one of a growing number of people who observe and talk to others about their stance on the state of the environment. Some people are actively changing their banks, switching to solely renewable energy suppliers, shopping plastic free etc, but many people are too busy / can’t afford to make the changes that they would like to make. They feel that the responsibility rests with the big corporations and the government.

I am very much of the mind that this is a group effort, like the response to the pandemic has been, and solutions must come from the top, down and also from the bottom, up. To see the way the world responded so quickly to COVID was incredible and proof that it is possible. COVID, in a way, is a test run. Climate change will be a lot tougher to deal with; and more so if something is not done right now. But this means that while some of us are doing all we can to save humanity, you guys at the top need to do the same, to help along those that can’t. It really can’t be seen as a case of consumer choice or a middle class ‘thing’ any more.

The goals that you have set are a great start, but really not enough. I understand that there must be much red tape and politics around it all, but we are SO close to a point of no return. Countless reports are being issued daily and climate-related news stories are more and more frequent.

There are so many environmental groups and organisations now and I expect a few of them cause a lot of annoyance to you and your government. I understand that. For example, I have a problem with all the emotional guilt that certain organisations lay on people with regards to the climate crisis. However, I can’t escape the truth here. My children (ages 7 and 9) are already anxious about their future. They constantly hear about raging wildfires, disappearing orangutans and severe flooding in the UK. (I am glad I made sure we bought a house on a hill, 10 years ago, because the science said that this would happen). Your children will feel the same. Our generation will probably just skim through ok, but our kiddos won’t. And their kiddos are really in trouble (that is, if they can even bear to have babies in a world where just being alive is a struggle.)

This really is it. It is happening. Now is the time to consider that wonderful, faultless quote,

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Please, please take some time to think how you can use these words in government. Be the father your children are ridiculously proud of. Give GENUINE messages about the future to the population. Be an inspirational leader. Get the youngsters voting Tory. Surprise us! Please.

Yours Sincerely

Ellie Good

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