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Sleep and rest journal

Little Journals, and our first ‘workbook’ The Sleep & Rest Journal is a collaboration between myself (Ellie Good) and the wonderfully clever and contagiously positive life coach Juliet Little, who I’m now pleased to call my friend. Some of you will have already seen us posting about it on social media, but I wanted to make more of a splash about it here and explain in a bit more detail what it’s all about. 

Last year (2023) after a big push to get it made, the first printed copy of the journal won the Best Notebook / Journal category at the London Stationery Show. Incidentally, this was also where Jules and I met for the very first time, having put the whole thing together over zoom calls due to our distant locations. (We had no idea the other was as tall as we are! That’s the thing with video calling isn’t it? You forget people have legs.) That was quite a day.

The Sleep & Rest Journal is just the start of it too.


We are working on a series of four-week journals that we hope will assist you in building new, positive and lifelong habits. Each one focuses on an area of life in which you may need a boost. We will help you to zoom in and discover which bad habits you need to boot down the corridor, then guide you through setting your own plan of action which you will be able to revisit time and time again.

Combining established coaching methods and scientifically backed, habit-forming techniques the workbooks are simple, easy to use and…they work! In just 28 days you will create a bespoke list of hacks that you can return to again and again. With handpicked inspiration, expert advice and our powerful ‘Little Tweaks’ tool the journals will help you rebuild specific aspects of your life. Consider our Good Little Journals your bespoke library of reset buttons.

Good Little Journals are designed with the environment in mind. They're printed in the UK on recycled coffee cups, with a minimal carbon footprint.


It all started with some life coaching sessions I had with Jules, some years back now. We kept in touch after the seed of our journal idea was planted one session. The more we discussed its potential and uniqueness, the more we excited ourselves over it, and we’ve been squirreling away at it, behind the scenes of our respective businesses, ever since. After a couple of drafts that weren’t quite hanging together as we’d have liked, we called in the expert editing hawk-eye of Wendy Parker, an ex-work colleague of mine from my magazine days. She whipped it into a much better shape; made it infinitely more digestible and easy to navigate.

Since the award win, we have added a few new benefits to make it even better, and make your journey to better sleep even smoother, and we’ve already started work on our next ones. Yes! We plan to create a whole library of them, so you can cherry pick the areas of your life that need a boost. For news, and to buy your own copy, head to our website:

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