Lockdown fun


Join me in this family friendly little workshop and learn how to make a geometric jellyfish out of paint, card and ink.

DURATION: Video - 20mins / Project total, around 1 hour

1. Card: coloured card, white textured card, newspaper, brown paper - anything you want!

2. Paper or card (to use as a background and stick the jellyfish on to?)

3. Paint and brushes or crayons, pens or pencils

4. Scissors

5. Glue

Please let me know how you get on! Share your work with me on Instagram or Facebook!


Here are three downloadable PDFs of my illustrations, just outlines, for you, or your littlies to download and colour in. A little COVD-19 prezzie from me to you.

Click on the image you want to download below and the rest should be easy. Enjoy! 


Jellyfish colouring in   Ellie Good Illustration duck colouring in download